Sam's upset to hear that Jai's been trying to track down Rachel again without informing him. He confronts him at the factory and gives him a piece of his mind. Gemma's mortified at having to attend the party at the Village Hall. She bargains with Dom saying if she's going to the party, he has to trust her enough to allow her to stay at Belle's afterwards. Sam turns up drunk in the café. Belle and Sean decide to take him to the party. Debbie does her best to scupper Ross's chances with a customer at the garage. Gemma is embarrassed as she waits at the party with the kids for Belle and Sean to arrive. They soon turn up - with Sam. Harriet notices that Sean has smuggled cider in and confiscates it. Belle's jealous as Gemma swoops in to save Sean from Harriet whilst she deals with a drunken Sam. Declan stews when Megan tells him that Jai kissed her. Zak drags a drunken Sam home from the party. Belle and Gemma fall out when Sean offers to walk Belle home and Gemma feels left out. Declan confronts Jai and warns him about using Megan to get to him. With the party over, Dom and Harriet set about cleaning up. Dom takes the opportunity to invite Harriet back home for a drink. Meanwhile, at the Cricket Pavilion, Gemma and Sean pass round a bottle of vodka but Gemma leaves as she is jealous of Belle and Sean's closeness. But Belle soon follows, leaving Sean gutted. Megan is incredulous when Declan tells her he has confronted Jai. Belle catches up with Gemma and they continue to argue. Gemma slaps her and Belle retaliates by pushing her. She falls to the ground, hitting her head on a rock. She gets back up and tells Belle that she hates her. The two walk off in different directions, but Gemma's concerned to discover that her head's bleeding and that she's lost her phone. Vanessa gives Dom and Harriet some space when they arrive back home. Harriet stops Dom from calling Gemma, assuring him that she will be fine. They kiss. Walking home, Gemma collapses to the ground and slides down the bank. She lies motionless in the cold and dark. Debbie considers her aunt's advice when Chas tells her to get back out there. Megan heads round to see Jai with a bottle of wine in her bag, but when he apologises to her and asks if they can pretend it never happened, she hides her disappointment.


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Belle Dingle: (concerned over a drunken Sam Dingle) "Do you want me to ring dad?"
Sam Dingle: "'Ey? No, he wouldn't like this music.

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