Ross is intent on impressing Debbie, but is later cross to note the obvious sexual tension between Debbie and Pete. Ross confronts Pete and is surprised to learn that Pete is Debbie's Barton boy of choice. Seething, Ross finds himself taking his anger out at the garage on Ashley's car, leaving Debbie fuming. She demands he foots the bill for the damage caused, but it's not long before Ross has cooked up a plan to ensure that he is not left out of pocket - a plan that involves blackmailing his big brother. Meanwhile, Harriet is anxious as she receives a call from Dom asking her to meet him. When she arrives, she is taken aback by his apology and finds herself offering to help arrange Gemma's funeral for the very next day. Later, after the news of Gemma's immediate funeral, Belle goes missing, sending Lisa into a panic. Dom and Zak try to comfort Lisa, who worries that Belle may have done something stupid. Cain becomes suspicious and thinks there may be more to this than Lisa is letting on. Elsewhere, admitting defeat with their relationship, Eric and Val meet to discuss their break-up. Diane arrives mid-conversation and tries to convince the pair that they are making a mistake. Also, with Gabby in Paddy's care, she helps him look after the rescued pigs, prompting her to become a vegetarian - much to Bernice's dismay.


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