Zak becomes increasingly confused and suspicious of Lisa's behaviour as she monitors Belle's every move. Lisa and Cain lie about where they went yesterday after the funeral. Later, Chas discovers Belle in her pub back room, where she makes every effort to convince Belle not to confess to what she has done. Meanwhile, Ruby is unhappy with Dan as yet again he has failed to deliver - her baby hopes are dashed. Dan is surprised to learn that she is going to see William again, remarking that his son Seb had better not be taking advantage of her because of their teenage fling. Later, Ruby learns that Seb has got his 'non-girlfriend' pregnant. Elsewhere, Noah questions Jacob about the funeral and teases him about crying. Jacob retaliates by throwing Noah's phone in the trough. Priya marches them both off and fills Alicia and David in on Jacob's actions. Soon Charity is demanding money for the phone. Alicia informs him that he is to pay for the phone out of his savings. Jacob looks at Leyla panicked, aware that his savings have been used for Leyla's rent. Also, Jai is concerned about Priya going for a run but does his best to trust her when she promises that she is looking after herself. Finally, Megan and Charity bicker about the business as Jai arrives. He enjoys Megan making digs at his ex.


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