David is stunned to learn that Alicia already knew about Priya's eating disorder. At the same time, Jai braces himself to tell Georgia and Rishi the truth about their daughter. Over at the hospital, Priya looks at her drip with disgust and attempts to pull it out. Later, everyone argues and attempts to place the blame for Priya's condition. Meanwhile, Lisa urges Zak not to be harsh to a hungover Belle. After assuring Zak that she's fine, Belle fumes at Lisa for her persistent lying. It's clear that the pressure of keeping Belle quiet is getting to Lisa. Cain also fills Chas in on the latest line they are spinning to Zak. Later, Cain is intrigued as Dom suggests moving away. Elsewhere, an unimpressed Megan looks over a contract that Declan has had drawn up, giving Charity a third of the business. Charity arrives ready to sign, but Megan is keen to take her time. Charity's decree nisi has also arrived and she is at a loss over what to do about Jai. Declan suggests that she uses the money they got from Mark and he'll stump up the rest to get the best divorce lawyer around, determined to wipe the floor with Jai. Also, Paddy dismisses Victoria's offer of making Marlon a cake, but soon comes crawling back. Finally, James returns from his travels.


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