Marlon's 40th birthday celebrations are in full swing. Paddy arranges for him and Marlon to go quad biking, but when April is almost run over, Marlon rescues the young girl, oblivious to who she is. Soon afterwards, Marlon is startled when Donna arrives and the young girl runs over to her. Donna is keen to play down the situation, insisting that he goes and celebrate his birthday, but Marlon continues to press her. Meanwhile, Priya is under close Sharma surveillance and soon David is on the doorstep with an overnight bag in hand, ready to join in. No sooner has he arrived before Jai and Rishi turn him away. Elsewhere, as news reaches Charity that Jai's solicitor has obtained a copy of the contract, she is determined to find out who is responsible and pins the blame on innocent Finn. Amused by Charity's annoyance, Megan admits to Declan that it was her. Also, Belle reveals to Lisa that she overheard her and Cain's plan to get rid of Dom. Later, Belle visits Dom and finds him looking over pictures of Gemma. Finally, Debbie continues to blow hot and cold with Pete, while Ross persists in his quest to get her attention.


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Charity Sharma: "I am not taking this lying down!"
Megan Macey: "That'll make a change."

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