A hungover Marlon remains adamant that he wants nothing to do with Donna or his daughter April, despite Laurel's efforts to change his mind. Laurel, Paddy and Rhona go with Donna to persuade him to be part of his daughter's life, angering Marlon further. When his ex-wife tries to get through to him on her own, Marlon tells her to pack her bags and leave the village for good. Meanwhile, Megan is unimpressed when Declan suggests Charity should put the business into administration so that Rishi gets nothing. She's torn as Declan asks for her loyalty. Charity puts her and Declan's plan into action, making Nicola aware that Rishi wants his investment back. Nicola worries to Jimmy about Rishi taking his investment. She sees Megan is hiding something but Jimmy assures her that she shouldn't worry. Elsewhere, Debbie's past with Cameron continues to interfere with her relationship with Pete after he witnesses her having a nightmare. When he suggests she gets help, Debbie immediately turns defensive and tells him to leave. Later, when Pete fails to explain where he has been and who with, Adam wrongly suggests to Moira that Pete may be dealing again. Also, Ruby and Ali are hopeful as they head to a meeting with the bank about a loan. Finally, Priya continues to fool Rishi and Leyla that she is getting better.


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