As Donna prepares to leave the village, Laurel makes one last attempt to persuade Marlon to be part of his daughter's life. At the same time, Rhona is adamant that Leo should know his sister and takes him to meet April, but Marlon is less than impressed to see them together. Donna makes a final plea to Marlon, saying that while he may hate her, he should not take those feelings out on April should she ever come looking for him. Donna says her goodbyes to Bob and Brenda again. Meanwhile, when Moira questions Pete's nightly activities, he is forced to admit his relationship with Debbie. Moira immediately fears the fallout. At the same time, Chas advises Debbie that she can't let what happened with Cameron ruin her life. Overhearing this, Ross takes the opportunity to stir things, telling Debbie how Pete has been mouthing off about their relationship. Soon Debbie is on the warpath. Elsewhere, Charity tries to reassure Jimmy that the business situation is her problem and she will sort it. This leads her to shred all of the paperwork, much to Megan's frustration. Later at the café, Jai asks whether Charity has signed the agreement, but Megan cuts him short, aware of her brother's eyes upon them. Also, Ruby and Ali are disappointed when the bank turns them down, as is Kerry. Finally, Jacob is pleased when Alicia and David let him run a delivery service and soon Jacob is offering Noah a job too.


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