Lisa's anxiety over Belle continues. When her request for time off work is denied, Lisa hastily quits her job, much to Zak's shock. At the same time, Belle almost confesses to Dom about the night Gemma died, but quickly backtracks. Meanwhile, Ali and Ruby continue to bicker over saving money in their quest for a baby. Ali suggests they give Dan a break if this time doesn't work for them. The pair argue and Ruby is taken aback when Ali tells her that she feels like it's all they ever talk about and she may as well not be there. Elsewhere, Rhona asks Bob for Donna's number, determined that Leo seeing his sister would change Marlon's mind. Marlon tries to paint on a smile when Rhona tells him they've arranged a date for Leo to meet up with April. He appears heavy-hearted as she goes. Also, Charity persuades Jimmy not to go to the police and instead sign the papers on the condition that if they get caught, she'll take the blame. Later, Jai seethes when he finds out that his jobs have been called off, knowing Charity is behind it. When Jai and Rishi confront Charity, the penny drops and her plan is clear to see. Jai promises this will not be the end of it. Finally, James and Chas are on their date but he quickly clams up when Cain and Moria arrive, uneasy about what Cain may say.


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