At the police station, Zak is more worried than Belle, who appears calm. She agrees to take the police to exactly where the incident occurred, and Lisa's worst fears are confirmed when officers arrive at the Dingles' to seize Belle's belongings. When Zak arrives home with their daughter, Lisa is furious, promising that she will never forgive him if anything happens to Belle. Meanwhile, a desperate Ruby covers for Ali when they return the stolen money. Seb threatens to call the police but decides against it. The pair believe their last remaining hope of having a baby rests in Dan's hands, but they are oblivious that he has had a change of heart. Elsewhere, keen to spend more time together, Jai tries to persuade Megan to stay - but she leaves as she is worried that she will be caught. Arriving home, Megan is met by smug Declan, who tells her that he has opened up about the depth of his feelings to Charity, much to Megan's chagrin. Also, David tells Alicia about Val being HIV positive and the pair distract an inquisitive Jacob. Finally, Moira plays matchmaker to Chas and James.


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  • This episode was the last to be sponsored by bet365bingo, the programme would have no sponsor until 7th April where frozen food manufacturer McCain would begin a new two-year deal.
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