"After failing to change Belle's mind, Cain goes to see Dom in the hope he might intervene and stop her from pleading guilty; Priya checks into a clinic and asks David to visit regularly; and Marlon faces a big decision when Donna returns to the village." (TV Times synopsis)


Charity's Decree Absolute arrives. Cain tries to talk Belle out of pleading guilty to killing Gemma, but she won't budge. Marlon tells Laurel that he rang Donna last night, wanting to talk to her but insisted that she didn't bring April. Katie's perturbed when Adam tries to warn Victoria off Ross. Georgia and Rishi visit Priya at the clinic. She asks them to stop visiting her as she wants to get through this independently. Laurel's worried when Donna arrives in the village with April. Cain visits Dom and tells him that Belle is planning on pleading guilty. April finds a picture from Donna and Marlon's wedding day whilst flicking through Bob's photo album and works out that he's her father. Cain tries to make Dom see that Belle will be throwing her life away and asks him to try talking to her. Dom goes ballistic and throws him out. Laurel warns Marlon that Donna's brought April with her. Katie gets fed up of Adam talking about Victoria and Ross and warns him that people may start to think he's jealous. David arrives at the clinic to see Priya. She apologises to him for the worry she's put him through recently and asks him if he'll visit her regularly. Alicia's silently concerned when David passes on the news. Donna arrives at Tall Trees wanting to talk to Marlon. He goes mad at her but she tells him that they need to sort something out now as April's figured out that he's her dad.


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