"Dom finds a mysterious envelope containing £300 for him; Val keeps up the pretence with Ian; and Adam suffers the consequences of his actions." (TV Times synopsis)


Harriet continues to look for the missing scratch card that Edna discarded. At the same time, a hungover Dom returns from the job centre and bumps into them both. Megan doesn't believe Charity's sick when she fails to arrive at work. A downhearted Marlon struggles to impress April. Donna gives him a few words of encouragement. Dom finds an envelope waiting for him at home containing £300. He assumes the money is from Vanessa, but she quickly denies it. Adam's actions come back to haunt him when the owner of the restaurant, Max Shale, arrives announcing what he did to everyone. Pete is furious when he pulls out of their contract. Marlon is spurred on by Donna's words of advice and finds himself participating in his daughter's make-believe games and soon wins her round. Eric puts on a brave face when he sees Val and Ian having lunch together. The pair tell Bernice their plans to go and see a Swedish film, although Val doesn't seem too excited. Adam finds himself in everyone's bad books at Butlers Farm, particularly James's. Charity arrives at work looking worse for wear. Rhona becomes suspicious when Donna questions her on Marlon and Laurel's engagement. Edna overhears Dom trying to hand the money back to Harriet believing it's her who sent it to him. He's baffled again when Harriet makes him realise that she doesn't have that kind of money. When Edna tries to persuade him to keep it, Harriet's suspicious. Marlon calls at Connelton View and tells Donna that he's taken some time off work and would like to take April on a trip tomorrow. Overjoyed at them bonding, Donna hugs him. Rhona's suspicions are heightened as she witnesses the hug.


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