"Declan grows tense about the launch, especially as Charity is missing - little realising she has gone to buy a pregnancy testing kit; and Finn is upset to hear about Victoria and Ross." (TV Times synopsis)


Eric is gutted to realise that Val and Ian spent the night together. Declan is tense in the run-up to his launch, as Charity has seemingly gone AWOL. Over at Mulberry Cottage, Charity is off her food and comes to an awful epiphany. Marlon arrives to take April out, but she has last-minute nerves and asks Donna to go with them. Rhona is suspicious that this was Donna's plan all along. Adam is put out when Pete is asked to cover a meeting in Ripon, but Moira warns him not to cause trouble with James. Eric finds himself suggesting that he, Val and Ian should all have dinner together in an attempt to hide his upset. Charity leaves a pharmacy with a pregnancy test in her bag. James and Adam exchange words in the café. Declan is frustrated as Charity is still ignoring his calls and Jai takes the opportunity to goad him about her absence. Finn is upset when he finds out that Victoria slept with Ross and tells her that his brother won't treat her well. Victoria is ashamed, but she can't help but like Ross. Later, Finn tries to warn Ross off Victoria. Declan finally crosses paths with Charity and is irritable with her; she storms off. Donna realises that Rhona is suspicious and does her best to quash this, telling her that the only interest she has in Marlon is as a dad for April. Charity puts her pregnancy test in the bin when it tells her that she's pregnant.


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