"Declan tells Megan that Charity is planning to end her pregnancy, but that he remains hopeful he can change her mind; and Dom speculates about his mystery benefactor." (TV Times synopsis)


Debbie tries to convince Charity to get rid of the baby, saying she's a useless mother. Megan is pleasantly surprised when Declan tells her that Charity plans to have a termination. However, he is hopeful that he can change Charity's mind. Eric is hurt by Val's attempts to make him jealous, and she seems to take pleasure in winning their exchanges, much to Ian's discomfort. Dom speculates about his mystery benefactor and Edna seems offended by some of his comments. Val turns down the offer to be intimate with Ian when he suggests the idea. Declan tries his best to persuade Charity to keep their baby, telling her he loves her. Dom comes to the conclusion that his mystery benefactor is Betty when he overhears her talking about spending Alan's money to bring happiness into people's lives. He thanks her. Charity tries to make Declan realise why she shouldn't have the baby. He clumsily proposes to her. Charity struggles to take Declan's proposal seriously considering how they got together and becomes more and more frustrated as he talks before throwing him out. Val confides in Victoria that she does not enjoy being with Ian and decides to end it with him. Chas asks James to help her secretly plan Cain and Moira's wedding; he reluctantly agrees to help. Finn is not happy when Declan gives him a measly bonus for his work. Megan tells Jai about Charity's pregnancy news. Declan tries to make Charity see that he's serious about their relationship. He says he's told his solicitor to draw up an agreement to say that if he messes their relationship up, she'll get everything. He proposes to her again.


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  • From this episode onwards Charity Sharma returns to being credited as 'Charity Dingle'.
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