"Jai causes a scene in The Woolpack when he confronts Charity, furious after learning of her pregnancy; Harriet thinks she knows the identity of Dom's mystery benefactor; and Finn receives a phone call about a job." (TV Times synopsis)


Charity comes to a decision and agrees to marry Declan, but it's with an apparent sense of trepidation. Jai is furious over the news that Charity is pregnant, leaving Megan concerned. Val and Ian mutually agree that they need to break-up. He tells her he believes she's still in love with Eric. A drunken Finn receives a phone call about a job and feigns sobriety. Eric vents his upset when he decides to sell off some of Val's belongings. Charity asks Declan to keep the baby news a secret, but he admits that Megan already knows. Val informs Victoria that Ian has gone for good and her thoughts are now on Eric. Debbie is unimpressed to learn of Charity's change of heart over keeping the baby and of her plans to get married. The wind is taken out of Val's sails when she sees Eric's stall, selling off her belongings. Eric also informs her that he has called his solicitor and their divorce is well and truly back on. Chas, James, Adam and Katie plan to throw a surprise wedding for Moira and Cain, and they tell Zak what they're up to who thinks it's a great idea. Harriet suspects that Edna may be Dom's mystery benefactor when she overhears her talking to him. Charity announces that she is to marry Declan in The Woolpack but her family have misgivings. The celebrations are interrupted when an angry Jai arrives and blurts the pregnancy news out to the entire pub. Unbeknownst to Charity, Debbie warns Declan that her mum will have an ulterior motive for agreeing to his wishes and he should test Charity to check her true intentions.


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