"With Belle's baby plans on his mind, Sean blurts out the truth to a shocked Chas when she finds him skipping school."(TV Times synopsis)


Declan's efforts go unappreciated as he surprises Charity with a baby gift. Laurel finds herself suspicious of how well Donna and Marlon are getting on together. Megan tells Declan that she won't be attending the wedding unless she can bring Jai, leaving Declan to consider postponing the day. With Belle's plan to have a baby playing on his mind, Sean spills all to a shocked Chas when she finds him skipping school. Chas informs Lisa of Belle's plan and they sit her down to talk. Bernice is setting up her spa and asks Andy for help moving equipment she's ordered and insists on giving him a free massage for his troubles. Pete wants time alone with Debbie, but until she gets her police check result, Debbie is keeping him at an arm's length. Sean visits Dom and attempts to persuade him that Gemma's death was an accident, but to no avail. Ross stirs things up by disclosing that he saw Debbie with another man to Pete. Kerry interrupts the massage session and an embarrassed Andy makes a swift exit, leaving Bernice with butterflies. Charity sets out to persuade Megan to change her mind about attending the wedding. Laurel's envious when Gabby, Arthur and April fuss round her whilst pretending to be police officers. Megan gives in and agrees to go to the wedding on her own. Sean finds Belle sobbing in a barn. Overcome to see her like this, Sean agrees to be part of her pregnancy plan.


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Charity Dingle: "Didn't realise you were in here."
Megan Macey: "Why, what were you going to do? Sneak in and pee in all the corners to mark your territory?".

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