"An angry woman throws a drink over Alicia; Val talks to the villagers about living with HIV; and Dan interrupts Kerry filming her video in a wedding dress." (TV Times synopsis)


Val is touched to find out that the village have boycotted Tiny in support of her and their support gives Val an idea. Edna isn't happy to learn that Ruby plans to put the money towards their 'baby fund'. Eric is shocked to learn that his wife wants to give a talk to their B&B guests about her HIV. Kerry remains determined to win the wedding competition and begins her webcam video in her newly-acquired wedding dress, saying she has an incurable illness. Dan interrupts her and she's forced to quickly cover. Donna's hunt for somewhere to live continues. An angry lady called Tina arrives at the pub and throws a drinks over Alicia, accusing her of screwing her out of her husband's inheritance. Taking this in, Leyla works out where Alicia's money has come from. Leyla is livid with Alicia and David for ripping her off. Amelia helps Kerry send in her wedding video for the competition. She's concerned about Kerry lying in it but Kerry convinces her that Jesus won't mind. Diane and Victoria suggest Val widen the audience and deliver it at the pub instead. Rhona offers to have April for a sleepover and Donna asks if she can stay over with them as well to get a break from the crowd at Connelton View. Leyla trashes Farrers Barn in an attempt to find her inheritance. Despite being daunted at the prospect, Val bravely begins her talk about living with HIV in the pub. David throws Leyla out of Farrers Barn insisting she's not getting a penny, but she's adamant it's not over. Val's speech goes down well at the pub and Eric, Diane and Victoria watch on, proud of her.


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