"An argument erupts between James and Moira when he confronts her with the DNA test results and shows her the bag of cash; and Pete and Debbie decide to give their relationship another shot." (TV Times synopsis)


Charity realises that Cain is playing her, she ignores Cain's warning and sticks to her original plan of marrying Declan. At the same time, despite everyone being lacklustre over his big day, Declan is looking forward to marrying Charity. Jai is concerned by Priya's reliance on David. Belle realises that she cannot go through with her plan for Sean to get her pregnant, as she is just using him. James confronts Moira with the DNA test results, which confirm that Adam is his son. A furious James drags Moira to the cupboard and she is caught out when he shows her the bag of hidden cash. Pete tells Debbie the details of his past assault and they decide to give their relationship another go. Moira and James are in mid-argument when Adam arrives. James instructs Moira that it's now time to tell Adam the truth, before marching out. Moira covers. Dan is angry to return home and find Belle and Sean on the sofa. They insist they haven't done anything but he kicks her out. At his stag party Declan taunts Cain, claiming that he wants Charity and is only marrying Moira because he bought her. Jai warns David that Priya is still in love with him. David admits he's noticed but is just trying to ignore it. Debbie finds that she is feeling unnerved when Ross sees her and Pete together. Adam begins to think that James fancies Moira and is trying to stop the wedding. He warns him to stay away.


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