"On the morning of her wedding, Moira leaves James a voicemail, pleading with him not to spoil things; and Charity is upset as she gets ready for her own big day - alone." (TV Times synopsis)


On the morning of her wedding, a tearful Moira leaves James a voicemail, pleading for him not to ruin things. She receives flowers from Holly and Hannah explaining they are in Guatemala. Charity is getting ready for her big day and seems saddened that she is preparing alone, with Debbie attending Cain's wedding. At the café, Declan is excited for his big day and tells Megan that he is glad she will be there. He explains that she will be in charge of the business for the next month, leaving Megan wondering what he has planned. When he leaves, she pockets the rings while Robbie is away from the table. At The Woolpack, Chas insists that Moira wants her to be at the wedding as she has family missing. James agrees, but is determined for the truth to be known. Once Charity is ready to leave, she reassures Noah that this is the last time she is going to get married. Zak is honoured when Cain asks him to be his best man. As the guests begin to arrive at the farm, James takes the opportunity to slip away to the house. Laurel worries about Marlon's priorities and Rhona picks up on Laurel's sadness. Megan warns Charity that she better not hurt Declan. Moira begs James not to ruin her wedding day, pleading that he keeps quiet over Adam. However, James is not going to make it easy for her as he threatens that if she doesn't stop it, he will. Alone and worried, Moira is tearful as she finds a thoughtful gift from Cain. She is desperate to marry the man she loves, but is terrified over what James will do. Megan sends the registrar to the wrong venue and is amused as Charity begins to panic. David takes a new car on a test drive. He explains to Alicia it's more than they originally agreed to spend and is ecstatic when she's happy to surpass their budget. Debbie clocks Ross flirting with Donna. Over in the barn, an anxious Cain awaits his late bride, sensing something is wrong. Adam goes to find out. The registrar finally arrives at Home Farm. Moira gets emotional when Adam mentions John. She tells him he needs to know the truth.


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Memorable dialogue

Declan Macey: "The cake arrived this morning, it's massive. In fact, I'm reliably informed it's twice the size of Cain's."
Robbie Lawson: "Well, it's a good job summat is."

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