"Donna and Ross find the stash in Gary North's house and make a run for it, but when they see the criminal approaching, the pair kiss to cover their tracks, which ends up bringing them closer together for real; and Kerry offers a French cyclist a place to stay after accidentally causing him an injury." (TV Times synopsis)


Ross storms into Debbie's, demanding the day off and keys to the garage as he prepares for what he is about to do. With the Tour de France soon visiting Yorkshire, Kerry helps Amelia with her school project, roping in the help of Harriet to bless her bike ride. Chas is hungover and feeling guilty for not telling James the truth about Aaron. Ross and Donna prepare to carry out their plan outside Gary North's house, but Ross refuses to go inside - convinced she's setting him up. Robbie is nearly rumbled by Charity when she finds him in the back of the lorry. Donna panics and starts to break into Gary's herself. Realising she's not lying, Ross helps and the pair begin the search for the stash. Diane decides to visit Annie in Spain and asks Debbie if she, Jack and Sarah want to come with her. Chas finally confesses to James that Adam is the real arsonist and Aaron covered for him. Donna and Ross find the stash and make a run for it. Debbie begins to tell Pete about what happened between her and Ross, but loses her nerve and backtracks. Gary approaches as Donna and Ross are legging it out of the back door. Donna kisses Ross to cover their tracks. A shocked James is asked if he has any secrets by Chas. James denies that he has. While Kerry films the blessing, she accidentally steps into the path of a passing cyclist Laurent, who is sent flying. He is furious and shouts at them in French as they help him up. Worried Laurent may sue, Kerry offers him a place to stay at their house, much to Dan's disapproval. After pulling off the perfect robbery, Donna and Ross revel in their success and find themselves kissing again, but this time for real.


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  • Only one episode was broadcast on this date due to coverage of the penultimate live semi-final of Britain's Got Talent immediately following this episode.
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