"Moira tries to persuade Chas to keep her secret; and Eric organises a charity skydive for the Valerie Pollard Foundation." (TV Times synopsis)


With his heart set on raising money for The Valerie Pollard Foundation, Eric goes about organising a charity skydive, enlisting the help of Rodney to take part and Megan to publicise his record attempt. As Laurent prepares to leave, he kisses a shocked Kerry. She declares that Dan is the only man for her, unaware that Dan is watching from afar. In a bid to change Chas's mind about telling Cain the truth, Moira locks the two of them in the pub cellar, pleading with her not to say anything. Chas maintains her composure, despite anxiety creeping in. Dan confronts Kerry about what he saw, but this angers her further as she wonders why he didn't do something about it. Moira leaves a shaken Chas and prepares herself for what's to come. Donna is relieved when she discovers that Ross took the jewellery to London, covering their tracks. Ross is left disappointed when Donna leaves, not wanting anything more to do with him. Dan confides to Bob that he has big plans that will blow Kerry's mind. After passing his medical, Eric comes clean to Val about his intentions, sparking a heartfelt moment between this stubborn pair. Chas agrees to keep James and Moira's secret on the condition that Cain never finds out.


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