"Lisa risks making things worse for Belle when she visits Dom; and the attraction grows between Ashley and Harriet." (TV Times synopsis)


Sean skips school to go to court to watch the trial. Harriet reveals to Ashley that she has written her resignation letter. Alicia's jealous as David is ecstatic about Amba coming home and Leyla buys her expensive gifts. Dom asks Sam if it was really his idea to escape with Belle. He's thoughtful when Sam tells him that all Belle wanted was to face her punishment. Bernice does her best to avoid Andy when she bumps into him in the café. Dom can't bear to hear about the night his daughter died in court and rushes out, washing the jury with sympathy. David is there to meet Priya as she arrives home with Amba, she feels awkward. When Bernice suggests that Harriet and Ashley have feelings for each other, it leaves the pair struggling with their emotions. Bernice tells Nicola that she has been seeing someone, but soon covers it as a joke when she sees her sister's reaction at the thought of it being Andy. Jacob's disappointed as David spends his time with Amba instead of helping him with his sports day preparations. Ashley fights for Harriet's job to the church council, though she gets the wrong idea and thinks he has humiliated her. When Harriet finds out the truth, the pair find themselves kissing, only for Harriet to quickly label it a mistake. Lisa struggles to cope with her daughter being labelled a murderer and that night goes to see Dom, urging him to stay away from the courtroom.


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