"Finn and Victoria discover some old home movies in James's clear-out boxes and enjoy watching footage of the younger Barton boys on Diane's old VHS player. The pair decide to bring the tapes to Finn's party later that day - little realising there's some rather less innocent material on one of them; Ross places his heart on the line; and Sean struggles without Belle." (TV Times synopsis)


Bernice overhears Adam comment to Andy about her age. Megan tries to persuade Jai to take her up on her business offer, but he is reluctant. Leyla persuades Priya to have a word with Jai about investing in his business. Bernice looks into having botox. Finn and Victoria discover some VHS tapes in James's clear out boxes with a photo of Finn's mum. The pair are entertained as they watch the tapes of the young Barton boys on Diane's old player and decide to bring them to the party later. However, the pair are interrupted when Victoria gets a call from Chas and they rush out, leaving the tape running - not hearing that there is more enlightening material on the video. Donna returns with April but Marlon is furious that she did a disappearing act. Dan suggests to Ali that they should have a little party to cheer Sean up. Marlon tells Donna that he needs to spend time with April and wants to take her tonight and tomorrow. Sean returns from town after having a run-in with a few guys about Belle, the last thing he wants is to celebrate. He heads upstairs to write to Belle instead. Donna tells Ross that George isn't going to die but she needed to get away. Ross puts his heart on the line when he tells Donna that he would never be able to walk out on her. Dan asks Sean to be his best man. Later at the party, everyone has fun watching the tapes but they eventually hear James and Emma arguing. Everyone assembled is shocked when they hear Emma say that James slept with Moira.


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  • Thu 26th June 2014: 7.00pm (TV3)
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