"A disgusted Adam hits James after discovering his mum slept with him, while Moira tracks Cain down at the cemetery, but he's unable to deal with her lies and walks away. Chasing after her husband, she reveals there's one more secret she has been keeping; Leyla tells Jai she wants to invest her money in his business; and Dan asks Sean to be best man at the wedding." (TV Times synopsis)


Megan is frustrated as she waits to hear Jai's answer. Ross arrives at the party to find everyone in shock after discovering Moira slept with James. A disgusted Adam hits James, but Cain remains strangely calm. Leyla tells Jai that she wants to invest her money into his business. He reluctantly beckons her into his office. Bernice confides in Kerry about her relationship with Andy, and worries she feels old. Kerry tells her to be herself. Moira weeps as Adam texts Hannah and Holly with the news. Cain instructs her to go to the bedroom so they can talk privately. He is furious at her for lying to him and having broken his trust and storms out. Finn, Pete and Ross are further annoyed when they find out James told Chas. Kerry is excited about the wedding and wonders who should be bridesmaid. Bernice makes an effort for Andy to continue inviting her over by cleaning Dale View. Megan isn't pleased when Jai tells her about Leyla's offer, but he explains that Leyla doesn't want to call any shots with the business, she only wants to invest. Moira tracks Cain down to the cemetery, but unable to deal with her lies, he walks away. Moira chases after him and tells him there's one more thing he doesn't know and confesses that James is Adam's father. Cain frogmarches Moira round to Adam's and forces her to tell him. Adam's stunned.


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Memorable dialogue

Kerry Wyatt: (about Andy Sugden) "He likes ya and if you like him, just be yourself, that's what I do. I did even when I was wi' him."
Bernice Blackstock: "And how did that work out?"
Kerry Wyatt: "Well, he dumped us. But I think that had more to do with the fact that I nearly... burnt his kids to death."
Bernice Blackstock: "There's something on your bed with which you'll be unfamiliar. It's called a clean sheet."
Andy Sugden: "You've washed my bedding?"
Bernice Blackstock: "No, I brought fresh from home. The old sheet was last seen walking up the road with it's head held in shame, looking for the nearest compost heap."


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  • Thu 26th June 2014: 8.00pm (TV3)
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