"In The Woolpack, Adam is determined to drown his sorrows, and shows interest when Ross suggests they steal vodka from the cellar; and Zak and Lisa worry about what Sam is up to." (TV Times synopsis)


Gabby shows no interest in accepting Andy and Bernice's relationship when he invites her for breakfast. Lisa confronts a defensive Sam over money missing from the Dingle plot and his odd behaviour. He is cagey as he covers for why he was late home the previous night. Finn remains troubled as he considers his childhood and the recent revelations. Jai is relieved when Rishi offers him the cash for the business. Adam is bitter as Ross comments that they both have parents they hate. Katie and Donna are awkward as Adam is determined to drink away his problems, while Ross directs snide comments at Donna. At a family lunch, Priya announces her plans for an arranged marriage. Adam shows interest when Ross suggests they steal vodka from The Woolpack cellar, seemingly up for a bit of devilment. Diane tries to get used to the idea of Bernice and Andy being together. Georgia thinks Priya is making a huge mistake. Sam appears shifty when he tells Zak and Lisa that he won't be back for tea. Alicia tells Leyla about Megan's offer to restart the wedding business, giving Leyla a new idea for a business investment. Katie, James and Diane catch Adam and Ross stealing from the cellar. Katie's angry but she and Donna manage to persuade Diane to not report it to the police. James warns Ross not to drag Adam into his games to get at him. Ross tells him that they're only just starting.


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Priya Sharma: "Look, I want to try something different."
Georgia Sharma: "You're not thinking of becoming a lesbian, are you?"

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