"A drunken Adam causes Andy a serious injury; Chas and Debbie track down Cain; and Priya warns Georgia not to spoil things as she prepares to meet a potential suitor." (TV Times synopsis)


Chas and Debbie wonder what to do next in their quest to find Cain, Debbie takes a call to say that he has been locked up in Hull. James warns Adam about getting involved with Ross. Katie also worries about Adam's attitude and behaviour, so she asks Andy to have a word with him. Priya has a meeting set up with a potential suitor to Georgia's concern. Charity and Declan return from their honeymoon and hear that the launch has been brought forward and there will be a celebrity guest in attendance. Zak and Charity are shocked when Sam admits that he's been spending time with a girl. Debbie offers a miserable Cain coffee to sober him up. He is annoyed about Chas's involvement and tries to leave, despite Debbie pleading with him. Cain hesitates. Dhilan makes Priya feel at ease and she quickly warms to him. Chas and Debbie tell Cain that he's changed for the better since he became involved with Moira. Leyla offers Megan a business proposal and is encouraged when Megan says she will think about it. Andy offers Adam someone to talk to, but Adam turns angry, opting to have another beer instead. Rishi and Jai take Dhilan's family to the factory and everyone seems to be getting on. However, Jai and Rishi are unconvinced when Georgia reveals Priya's anorexia in the interest of being honest and open. an unsteady Adam appears up at the farm and James instructs him to go home as he is drunk, but Adam refuses to listen and climbs into the tractor. As Adam sets the vehicle going, he fails to see that Andy is behind rethreading the baler. Moments later, Andy lets out a howl having had his arm trapped.


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