"At the hospital, the doctor explains Andy needs an urgent operation, and a tearful Bernice vows not to leave her lover's side; and Leyla tries to persuade Nicola to let her have a stall at the Home Farm launch." (TV Times synopsis)


Debbie tells Cain that Moira is the best thing that ever happened to him and he needs to talk to her. When he refuses to listen, Debbie suggests that they go to the farm and collect his stuff. Leyla tells Bernice about her and Megan's partnership and when Nicola enters the salon, Leyla has a light bulb moment. Andy is badly injured and losing consciousness as the paramedics and fire brigade arrive. When Moira, Debbie and Cain turn up, James covers for Adam by taking the blame for the accident. Priya and Dhilan agree they'd like to see each other again as the family head off, but Priya is upset to learn that Georgia told the family about her anorexia. Georgia suggests that she should meet a man the normal way, so Priya decides to take this advice and heads out in a short dress and heels. Charity agrees to give Sam a pay rise when he asks. Jimmy finds out that Victoria Pendleton is Home Farm's celebrity guest, and is pleased because she is on his "laminated list". At the hospital, the doctor explains that they need to operate on Andy as soon as possible, as a tearful Bernice vows not to leave Andy's side. Jai finds Priya in the café but she gets upset, saying she doesn't know why he and Georgia won't support her. Jai agrees to start adjusting to her way of thinking. An argument breaks out at the hospital with Cain threatening James, leading to a worked-up Adam admitting that it was him who switched the baler on and tells them he was drunk. Leyla tells Megan that she's convinced Nicola to give them a stall at the Home Farm launch tomorrow. Megan isn't interested until Leyla points out that it would be a perfect way to spite Charity. Charity is thrown when Declan wants to talk about trying for a baby again. Sam decides to put most of the advance on his pay rise into the Dingles' pot, although he retrieves it back later when talking to his new female friend. Moira is upset as she tells Cain that she didn't want to screw Adam up which is why she kept the secret. Cain flatly tells Moira that they will be fine but refuses to talk about the situation.


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