"Andy is shocked to hear how long he will have to stay in hospital; Jimmy gives Victoria Pendleton a tour of Home Farm; and Donna agrees a cover story with Ross regarding the robbery." (TV Times synopsis)


Adam arrives home and is clearly distressed after last night's events. Andy wakes up in hospital after an operation and is shocked to hear how long he will have to stay in due to the severity of his hand injury. Donna is alarmed when PC Stone tells her they're going to the garage as they have a lead on the jewellery robbery. Priya is upset when Jai takes a call about Dhillon turning her down, but is determined to stay positive about finding a husband. Megan and Leyla arrive at the Home Farm launch with their display, but Megan is left hurt by Declan's harsh attitude towards her. Donna takes Ross to one side and tries to explain a cover story. Jimmy is thrilled Victoria Pendleton is the celebrity guest and dresses up in skimpy cycling gear especially for her. He can't wait to show Victoria on a tour around Home Farm and Nicola seethes with jealousy to see they are getting on well. Ross is impressed when Donna makes fake phone calls telling her colleague that Ross's story adds up. Megan berates Charity, congratulating her on using her miscarriage to get her way. A guilty Adam apologises to Andy, telling him that he'll help with anything he needs. Andy tells him he's fine and to sort things with Moira and James instead. As Charity takes to the stage to give a speech, Megan drunkenly interrupts, warning her to watch her back. Donna is unsettled as Ross teases her about having feelings for him. Declan urges Charity to try for another baby. Wanting to keep him on side, Charity throws out her pills, but quickly retrieves them from the bin when he leaves the room.


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