"Following their unexpected visit to the police station, Kerry pleads with Dan to let her explain her side of the story; and Ross warns Debbie to keep quiet about his relationship with Donna." (TV Times synopsis)


A sad Dan sits in the police cell still in his wedding suit, as Kerry is interviewed and arrested for bigamy. Debbie confronts Ross over his relationship with Donna but he tells her it's none of her business. Daz and Dan are released with a caution. Dan is surprised to overhear that Daz has a criminal record, but Daz plays it down. As the pair argue in the custody suite, Dan grasses Daz up over the stolen bus. Laurel assures Donna that she is okay with moving the wedding forward. Ali is livid when she finds Dan has agreed to sign Sean's parental document to allow him to join the army. Daz is let go from the station and returns to Dale Head. The brothers argue and nearly come to blows as Dan realises that Daz was responsible for robbing David's. Dan discovers Daz has been kicked out of the army and tells him to find somewhere else to live. As Daz leaves, Ali storms in ranting at Dan about their agreement not to allow Sean to join the army. A guilty Harriet offers to sort out a meal for Ashley as he struggles to prepare something for Carole's arrival that evening. Debbie leaves Donna worried as she makes her aware she knows she's seeing Ross. As Kerry arrives back from the police station, Chas persuades Dan to hear her out and gives them privacy in the backroom of The Woolpack. With Debbie worrying her, Donna begs Ross to keep their relationship quiet until after Laurel and Marlon's wedding. He tells her he'll sort Debbie. Kerry explains to Dan that her being married to Kev as made their marriage null and void. Dan tells her he can't forgive her. Katie and Andy decide to give their relationship another go but keep it a secret for the time being. Harriet feels a pang of jealousy when Carole arrives to dinner and notes that she and Ashley are clearly into each other. Ross tells Debbie to keep quiet about him and Donna, using Pete as collateral and threatening to tell him about the time she came onto him and he rejected her. A heartbroken Kerry pleads with Dan to give her another chance but he walks out giving her his wedding ring back and tells her he's better off without her.


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