"Moira decides tough love is the best way to handle Adam; and Ali realises Belle's future doesn't include Sean." (TV Times synopsis)


Sam is secretly thrilled when his credit card arrives. Feeling faint, Donna collapses. Robbie is shocked to see Adam with heroin and tells him that he is out of his depth. Paddy finds Donna on the floor and she begs him not to tell Marlon. Moira wonders what to do over Adam. Cain advises her to cut him off. Sean changes his mind and asks Debbie if he can join the garage after all. Tracy persuades Sam to give the credit card to her, lying that she can activate it in town while he is at work. Moira approaches Debbie for advice, asking if Cain cutting her out of his life worked and was the right thing to do. She admits that it worked in the end. Ali is thrilled that Sean is staying in the village to save up for a place for him and Belle. Moira takes Debbie and Cain's advice and decides that tough love is the best way to handle Adam, so she tells him that she wants nothing more to do with him. Paddy tells a worried Marlon about Donna's collapse. At The Woolpack, Tracy has a wad of money and suggests to Sam that they start spending it as she gives him some of the money she drew out for him. Alone, Adam tips the heroin down the sink and calls Aaron in France, asking if he fancies a houseguest. Ali and Sean go to visit Belle, but Belle's attitude to Sean's positivity for their future leaves Ali suspicious and realises that Belle's future doesn't include Sean. Zak is unimpressed to see Sam with Tracy again and refuses a drink from her when she offers to buy a round. Ali gets Belle alone and tells her that Sean loves her. When Belle admits she can't return his love, Ali encourages her to tell him. Needing the money to get to France, Adam tells Ross that he wants to help with the next job. Ross tells him he'll be carrying out the job for Gary North soon and that he'll need to be prepared.


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  • Mon 4th August 2014: 7.00pm (TV3)
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