"Cain locks Ross in the garage to prevent him from attending Donna's funeral; Adam has an announcement to make in The Woolpack; and Pete plans to ask Debbie if he can move in." (TV Times synopsis)


The day of Donna's funeral has arrived, and Bob and Marlon are struggling to face up to it. Debbie wakes to find Ross asleep on her sofa having consumed a bottle of whiskey. Adam faces up to yesterday's events as he heads off to court. Pete is worried about how concerned Debbie is over Ross when he discovers he's stayed over. Finn tells Victoria that he got a message from his mum on Finding Family and she wants to meet him, but Victoria is suspicious. Ross puts on his suit ready to go to the funeral, but Debbie is determined to talk him out of it. Ashley's put out when Carole insists on accompanying him to the funeral and becomes jealous when she discovers he's been to see Laurel. In a desperate bid to keep Ross away from the funeral, Cain locks him in the garage. Pete confides in James about his worries over Debbie and Ross and tells him that he is planning on asking Debbie to move in with him. Victoria arrives to tell James about Finn's plan to track down Emma. Adam makes a confession in The Woolpack that he was responsible for setting fire to the garage and Aaron was covering for him. Ashley is shocked when Carole's husband Graham turns up and dumps her stuff off in bin bags. As the hearse and procession passes through the village, Ross spots an axe in the garage and begins to hammer his way through the door. He arrives outside the church and becomes involved in a tussle with Marlon as he refuses to let him attend.


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