Lisa has gone to the doctors' and he refers her for more tests at the chest clinic immediately. He prescribes her a GTN spray. Alicia plans to set Leyla up with Pete. Sandy tries to persuade Edna to abandon her guilt. Lisa covers her trip to the doctors' and arrives back home to greet Belle who arrives home on day release. David tries to set Pete up on a date with Leyla but he isn't interested. Belle's disappointed when she finds out Lisa hasn't managed to get the entire day of work. James encourages Pete to see Leyla. Kerry offers to cover for Lisa so she can see Belle but Jai spots her sneaking out of the factory. Pete is left humiliated when he offers Leyla a drink and she tells him she's not interested, having worked out David and Alicia are trying to set her up. Belle tries to avoid the subject when Lisa mentions her returning to school soon. Their conversation ends quickly when Jai turns up and sacks Lisa for skiving. Victoria shows Diane one of Doug's vlogs. Leyla makes an effort to chat to Pete in the pub in order to make Jai jealous and invites him to join her for a few drinks. Sandy persuades Edna that it's time to take Harold's belongings to a charity shop. Priya invites David and Alicia to her wedding. Alicia warns Leyla away from Jai. Lisa tries to save her job by speaking to Jai but he refuses to go back. She leaves the factory in tears before collapsing, clutching her chest.


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