Lisa lies outside the factory unable to reach the GTN spray in her bag. Kerry finds her and gets Rishi and Jai to ring an ambulance. She rushes off to break the news to Zak and Belle. Belle panics as the STC Staff Members refuse to let her leave the cottage and take her back to prison. Secretly having doubts about the wedding, Priya tries to use a romantic dinner to ensnare Rakesh into sleeping with her before the service. The ambulance arrives and rushes Lisa to hospital. Kerry gives Jai a piece of her mind over how he treated Lisa. Priya's doubts bubble to the surface again as she realises how little she knows Rakesh when he comments that he doesn't like the food she's cooking. The doctor tells the Dingles that Lisa only had an attack of angina rather than a heart attack. She is told that she'll have to stay in hospital for a few days and must take it easy when she goes home. Jai quietly seethes as Leyla takes Pete back to Tug Ghyll following their drinks. Diane's jealous when Doug attends a business meeting with Sasha regarding his vlog and discovers the woman's young and attractive. Debbie's disappointed when she sees Pete and Leyla leaving the pub together. Priya makes a move on Rakesh and attempts to lead him upstairs but he stops her. Doug is left pleased after his meeting and explains that Sasha is a Junior in Digital Marketing and a large garden emporium wants to sponsor him. Priya explains to Rakesh her fears that they barely know each other and are about to get married. Pete and Leyla realise that they're only seeing each other in an attempt to forget other people. Zak's relief over Lisa turns to anger and Debbie and Sam have to stop him from confronting Jai.


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