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Lisa discharges herself out of hospital against Dr Wainwright's wishes. Pete has spent the night on Leyla's couch. He apologises for spending all night talking about Debbie. They agree to meet for a coffee later. Debbie is upset as she spots Pete leaving Tug Ghyll. Zak and Sam get a surprise when Lisa arrives home. Lisa informs Zak about her funny turn prior to her collapse. Leyla winds the gossipers up over her and Pete in the café and announces that they're together. Debbie overhears everything and snaps at Leyla. Lisa explains to Zak how she stole petty cash from the office and then came to her senses and put it back but Jai saw her. Priya shares her concerns with Alicia about how little she knows Rakesh. Alicia persuades her to see it as an adventure. Zak goes to see Jai in an attempt to get Lisa her job back but the two end up arguing however when Jai refuses to go back on his actions. Rakesh overhears and follows Zak outside, offering to represent Lisa if he wants to sue Jai for unfair dismissal. Finn informs Pete about the argument between Leyla and Debbie and how upset Debbie was. Leyla visits Debbie and promises her that nothing happened between her and Pete. She explains how Pete is still in love with her and advises her to talk to him again. Priya can't believe it when she hears about Rakesh's plans to sue Jai. Debbie arranges to see Pete and the two agree to give the relationship another go. Lisa isn't pleased over Zak's meeting with Rakesh and tells him she has no intention to add to her stress by going to court. She weeps telling Zak she's scared she'll die. Priya and Rakesh argue and she tells him she might be wrong about wanting to marry him.


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