Rakesh asks Priya if she'll change her mind about not marrying him if he sorts out the business between Lisa and Jai. She agrees. Jimmy rushes out, avoiding Nicola's attempts to meet him later in the day. Lisa tells Rakesh that she has no intention of going to court. Jimmy meets with Juliette in secret at Home Farm to sign her No Contact form. Rakesh takes Lisa and Zak to see Jai, informing him Lisa wants her job reinstated, full payment until she's fit again with an ex-gratia payment on top to avoid going to court. Rodney walks in on Jimmy with Juliette as she accidentally spills coffee on the forms. Lisa convinces Jai to carry out her wishes by mentioning that legally she should have had a warning letter. He reinstates her job. Rodney helps Jimmy to dry off the papers, agreeing to keep quiet about catching him with Juliette as long as they cut contact afterwards. Kerry wangles an invite to Priya's Mehndi when she strikes up a friendship with Priya's cousin Nisha. Doug worries about his sponsorship vlog filming and persuades Ashley to accompany him. Ashley is impressed at how professional Doug's treatment is. At the Mehndi hen party, Priya is tense but feels relieved when her cousin tells her that it's normal not to fall in love straight away. However, as the evening continues, Rakesh tells Priya that he loves her but she clams up. Doug begins filming and his vlog is a big hit with the crew. Priya returns to Holdgate Farm and argues with Jai as he tries to persuade her she's making a mistake marrying Rakesh. Nicola is convinced Jimmy is lying over his whereabouts when he returns home. Priya's nerves get the better of her and she covers after being sick in the bathroom.


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