Charity wakes and finds herself chained and locked in a storage container. DI Bails arrives in the village looking for her. Rakesh tells Priya he wants to see her again but she makes excuses. Moira's upset as she receives a call from prison saying Adam has been involved in another altercation and one of his fingers may be broken. Aaron tries to convince her to tell Cain but she won't. Jimmy worries about what will happen to the haulage business with the news that Home Farm is to be repossessed. Doug holds his Q&A session with the 'Dougettes' in The Woolpack leaving Diane unimpressed as he orders her around. Charity sits petrified in the storage container. Maxine arrives again to see Moira. Doug asks Diane to get his 'Dougettes' a round of drinks on his tab, but she refuses to give him anything for free unimpressed with his ego. Moira gives Maxine her money, insisting it's a one-off payment. Leyla notices Rakesh and Priya chatting. Katie asks Andy to help her set Diane and Doug up. The hooded figure throws a bottle of water to a terrified Charity as she pleads to be released, convinced it's Declan. Outside, Jai removes his hood and balaclava before getting in his car and leaving.


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