Penny finds herself angering Joe, and it looks like their relationship is reaching its end. Joe fails his motorbike license test.


Annie goes on another mysterious outing. Janie is bored and wants to hire a television. Henry suggests Amos should hire another barmaid and offers to draw an advertisement up for him. Penny is distant with Joe; they argue. Annie arrives home with a plant. Sam and Jack tease her about her relationship with Tom Raistrick. Jack's pleased Henry isn't going ahead with the pig unit. Henry is in a mood when he discovers Annie has been out again. Joe sulks in The Woolpack and Penny storms out on him. Frank tries to encourage Janie to take some nightclasses to broaden her mind. Joe's frustrated when Penny says she wants to cool their relationship. She tells him that she's a virgin and wants to remain so until they know where they're going. Joe storms out when she tells him he needs to grow up. Later, Joe fails his motorbike test. Janie's old schoolfriend, Carol Benfield, comes around for tea. She's applied for teaching practice but has been living in Ireland. She's interested in drama and Janie encourages her to start up a drama group. Joe calls round and is surprised to see Carol.


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