The issues surrounding who has the right of way, between Jack and Henry are finally resolved.


Annie confronts Joe over the money he borrowed, she works out he wanted to impress Marian. He gives her the money back. Henry buys his first 'country gent' style hat. Marian tells him that she had Jack over for lunch to thank him for helping when she ran out of petrol the other day. Jack tells Matt he doesn't like work. He asks Matt about hiring labour to do his share of the work on the farm, he refuses to help him. With Peggy showing an interest in going fishing, Jack tells Matt to use Joe's rod saying that she won't notice. Henry visits his solicitor for background information on Jack, he tells him to speak to Amos who is the village gossip. Jack arrives for the meeting with Henry, he tells him that he does have right of way over the Emmerdale Farm land, but that there is also a public right of way through Inglebrook land. Jack says that Inglebrook was built over a footpath years ago. Joe overhears Jack on the phone making arrangements to meet a woman at The Feathers on Wednesday; he then sees Marian meeting him for a drink again. Matt tells Joe that Peggy didn't notice him using his rod. Henry tells Marian about what happened over the right of way, he states he was embarrassed but was impressed by Jack's manner. Marian asks Annie's advice about a housekeeper, she recommends Mary Halliwell. She also asks if there are any good restaurants in the area; Joe tells her the best place to eat is The Feathers Hotel on a Wednesday night.


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