Sam anonymously calls an ambulance for Jai. Kirin blackmails Priya into getting Rakesh to give him the money for Amsterdam by letting on he knows about the two of them. Megan and Leyla are shocked as they arrive back at Holdgate Farm to see Jai being stretchered out to an ambulance. Sam arrives at Frampton Wood and hears a distressed Charity talking to herself in the container. Sandy discovers that Doug has unintentionally insulted the entire population of Wales with an error in translation. Sam hesitates as he hears Charity talking to herself, analysing her life and expressing her regrets. Leyla and Megan are informed that Jai's condition is critical and he's had to be put into a coma. Sam can't bring himself to forgive Charity and walks away leaving her still locked in the container. Rakesh is angry when Kirin returns home having spent the money for Amsterdam on a brand new sports car. He demands he return it. Doug tweets his followers to acknowledge his mistake but continues to receive furious comments. He decides to close his account following his sponsor pulling out and tells Diane she was right all along. Diane feels sorry for him. Priya and Georgia are frantic as they arrive at the hospital and hear the news about Jai. Sam lurks outside catching the conversation and hurries away. Noah arrives home from his trip to discover Charity missing again. Debbie covers she's away on business. In private, she thanks Pete for his support and asks him to move in again. He happily agrees. The Dingles return home after visiting the police in an attempt to get news on Charity. Sam arrives home and keeps quiet about knowing her whereabouts, refusing to help them search for her.


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Jimmy King: "I just hope Carl's looking up from wherever he is and seeing all this."
Rodney Blackstock: "You meant looking down, of course."
Jimmy King: "I don't think I did, no."

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