Kerry tells Dan that Ali might be pregnant. They both push Ali to take the pregnancy test. Ruby walks in on their conversation and detects an atmosphere. Moira, Aaron and Cain visit Adam in hospital. Moira tells Adam that she's told the prison authorities. He tries to cover his worry. James discovers a dead cow in a field at Butler's Farm. Dan and Ali confess that they slept together at Sean's leaving do and now she might be pregnant. Ruby's devastated and walks out. Lisa has a funny turn while with Chas. As Chas empties her bag to give her spray, she notices Lisa's diet pills. James tells Moira that he's found three dead cows in the field and suspects they've been poisoned. Nicola is shocked when Laurel confides that she and Marlon didn't have sex on their honeymoon. Chrissie offers Nicola her job back at Home Farm, believing she can trust her after their chat about Robert's past. Lawrence suggests that she doesn't know everything. Ali's pregnancy test comes back negative. Moira's forced to tell James about Maxine. Chas confronts Lisa over the diet pills, saying they're a con and she's lucky she's not caused herself serious damage. Laurel tries to plan a romantic evening with Marlon but their plans are put on hold when she realises that Doug is spending the night with them after Diane turned him down for another date. Robert is forced to confess to Chrissie that he slept with Nicola once when he was sixteen. He's relieved when she's not bothered but Lawrence is left annoyed. Chas agrees not to tell Zak about the diet pills as long as Lisa ditches them. Ali informs Ruby the test was negative but Ruby is unable to forgive her and tells her it's over.


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