Nicola is thrown when she sees Jimmy cradling his son and realises that she needs to tell Angel about her little brother. Marlon and Arthur excitedly prepare for their Halloween party, which has fancy dress and decorations. Cain expresses his gratitude to Charity when he discovers that Adam has returned to prison with no problems. Ross breaks the news to Finn that he doesn't think he can stay on long and becomes emotional at the mention of Donna. Finn tells him that he has paid his rent for the next month and Ross agrees to stay until he has paid him back, touched by his brother's concern. Marlon soon realises that April is not coping at all with the Halloween party as she is terrified of all the fancy dress. Juliette arrives to collect Carl and informs him that he can't see his son anymore as she's got back together with her boyfriend on the condition that Jimmy stays uninvolved. Laurel's appalled when Marlon cancels the Halloween party leaving Arthur upset. Nicola is livid when she finds out that Juliette is planning to take Carl away from Jimmy. Vanessa panics when Kirin invites her to his Halloween party in order to meet his friends. She begs Rhona and Paddy to accompany her. Charity's touched when Cain pushes her to sort things with Noah. Jimmy's grateful to discover that Nicola had come round to the idea of accepting Carl. Charity goes to see Noah but receives a frosty reception. Vanessa is awkward as Kirin introduces her to his friends. Laurel tries to persuade Marlon that April needs counselling. Charity promises Noah that she'll pay for his school trip in an attempt to win him round. Vanessa and Rhona get roped into playing beer pong. Nicola vows to fight Juliette for access to Carl.


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  • The unknown child actor portraying Carl Holliday appears uncredited.
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