Rhona and Vanessa leave Kirin's party the next day, both extremely drunk. Vanessa is pleased when Kirin tells her that his friends all approve of her. Their happiness is quickly shattered however when Rakesh arrives back in time to witness Sandy complaining about the noise lasting all night and vows to punish him. Ross offers to work at the garage but Debbie refuses, not prepared to trust him again. Elsewhere, Nicola and Jimmy go and see Rakesh to ask for legal advice over baby Carl, but he informs them they probably have no rights over him. Nicola guilts Juliette into giving Jimmy a proper goodbye to Carl and she calls round leaving him for an hour. Charity tries to reach out to Debbie, who reveals that she has paid for Noah's ski trip herself. When Charity's client Shirley arrives, Charity is wary as she spots Ross glancing at Shirley's expensive car. Nicola snatches Carl and runs off as Juliette arrives back to collect him. Vanessa tells Kirin that he's won Rhona over but still as work to do with Paddy. Charity is on the verge of securing a deal but soon Shirley discovers that her car has been stolen. Nicola hides out at Tall Trees Cottage with Carl. Charity is furious and confronts Ross who denies everything, remaining unreadable. Jimmy finds Nicola and takes her home along with Carl. Paddy and Kirin bond over video games. Nicola and Jimmy return Carl to Juliette and worry if she'll call the police.


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