Diane and Victoria make plans for Katie and Andy's engagement party. Lawrence and Robert continue to irritate each other and Lawrence suggests Chrissie gets a pre-nup but she refuses. He reminds her how even Robert's own family don't trust him, but Chrissie still won't listen. Soon afterwards, Victoria tells Robert to stay away from the engagement party but Robert is intrigued when she lets it slip that Andy is having 'anger management'. Robert tells Chrissie that their best option would be to get Lawrence on side and suggests attending the engagement party to start building bridges. Later at the party, Andy makes a speech as Robert and Chrissie arrive and Andy is forced to hide his feelings. Robert smiles to see a frustrated Andy leave his own party. Lawrence finds Andy brooding outside and suggests if they work together, maybe they can get Robert out of their lives for good. Meanwhile, Laurel nurses a hangover and feels guilty as she hides her empty wine bottle from Marlon. He apologises for last night and promises to make it up to her later. Laurel wonders if her day can get any worse after messing up a factory order at work, but PC Swirling then arrives with further bad news - she is being charged with drink driving. Elsewhere, Amelia wants to get Ali and Ruby back together and gets Harriet onside to help her with a poem recital. Also, Marlon wishes Zak and Lisa luck with Belle's resettlement meeting. Although Zak is optimistic, Lisa is deeply worried about how Belle is going to cope.


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