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Jai praises Priya's work and asks her to stay on longer. However, she feels awkward when Jai insists that she doesn't need Rakesh in her life anymore. Jai also announces that he is treating his family to a thank you meal. Priya invites Rakesh and suggests they could use the opportunity to come clean about their relationship, but Jai is shocked to walk in on them kissing and his animosity towards Rakesh is still apparent. Later in the pub, everyone is left stunned as Priya reveals that she and Rakesh are back together. Jai is insistent that he's not right for her, but is suddenly distracted by a mystery text message - a picture of Archie. Soon, Jai dares to hope again. Meanwhile, Bernice gets to the bottom of Gabby's fears, while Lisa is in disbelief when Bernice tells her what Belle did. Later, Lachlan asks to have a drink with Belle and Debbie encourages her to go. Belle relaxes when she joins Lachlan but is stunned by his clumsy approach over and leaves. Lisa and Zak wonder if they are right to believe Belle over Gabby, but they return home to find 'Murderer' spray-painted on their wall and attempt to remove the graffiti before Belle returns. Elsewhere, an excited Nicola tells Bernice that she and Jimmy are going to try for another baby. Nicola fusses over Jimmy ahead of his vasectomy reversal tomorrow and Nicola is determined to be a fit and healthy mum. Also, David scares Jacob into revealing the truth, leaving David and Alicia shocked and Charity is hurt by their accusations.


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