Pete reels to learn that he is being accused of previously selling ecstasy, which resulted in a girl dying. Pete is further shocked when he is arrested for supplying drugs. Meanwhile, Robert drowns his sorrows after learning that Nicola got the job. Ross spots him leaving his car keys behind and swipes them. While Aaron and Ross strip the car, Robert turns up. He's about to call the police, but Ross offers their services. Elsewhere, Nicola is ecstatic to be offered the estate manager job and Jimmy is chuffed that his plan works. Nicola agrees that Rodney can stay for a bit, but Jimmy soon finds out that Nicola's baby-making plan is far from over. Also, Harriet contemplates doing a blessing for Ruby and Ali on the quiet. Finally, Ali is delighted when Jai lets her see Archie, while Andy's patience wears thin when Debbie tells him the farm won't be safe for the kids for a while.


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