Robert suddenly has second thoughts about his kiss with Aaron and pushes him away. He then drives off and Aaron is left feeling confused. Back home, Robert is feeling frustrated after his encounter with Aaron and soon he and Chrissie are passionately tearing at each other's clothes. Chrissie is happy that she and Robert have made up, but it's clear that Chrissie is not the only one on Robert's mind. Aaron goes to the pub where Victoria explains to Aaron about Robert's past. Later, Robert turns up at the garage to apologise to Aaron and they have sex in a car. Afterwards, Aaron enquires about Robert being bisexual but Robert is quick to correct him, asserting that he is straight. He then leaves, with Aaron feeling upset by the sudden brush off. Soon Chrissie goes looking for her fiancé when Robert turns up the pub following by Aaron who turn up at the same time. Aaron and Robert give each other eyes as Robert walks off with Chrissie. Meanwhile, Harriet is angry when she learns of Ashley's plan to make her jealous. Ali and Ruby are also taken aback to see the pub decorations for their hen do, all thanks to Kerry and Harriet. At the salon, Bernice is intrigued when Ashley arrives, admitting that he has made a mistake with Harriet and needs help. Ashley's plan soon works and he and Harriet kiss. Later, they both declare themselves officially an item. Elsewhere, Jai is tense and snaps as everyone questions him over Rachel, and Megan is unsettled by his manner. Megan asks Jai and won't let the matter drop. Jai is forced to make an admission to a horrified Megan. Also, Charity tells Debbie about Rakesh helping her case, worried about Noah if she gets sent down. Later, Charity is thrown when Rakesh tells her about the charges.


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