It's the day of the craft fair in the village, so Zak encourages Belle to get involved and enter her picture into the art competition. Chrissie insists that she's not going to let Lachlan out of her sight all day as she brings in his art entry. Later, Belle is overwhelmed as Ashley announces that her painting has won - but everybody is shocked when they see it's been slashed. Soon questions are being asked as to who has done this. Meanwhile, Harriet returns after her arrest and explains that she been charged with burglary, but there is further news to come when she gets a call from the bishop. Ashley also receives a call and later confesses his hopes to Bernice. Elsewhere, Diane and Victoria discuss Robert coming for tea later. Aaron swiftly invites a shocked and chuffed Finn for a drink later to coincide with the timing of the meal, but it's clear Aaron is just using him to make Robert jealous. Finn arrives dressed up to meet Aaron and Robert can't help but be jealous even though he can see through Aaron's plan. Finn soon realises that Aaron was never interested. Robert makes fun of Aaron for trying to make him jealous and Aaron responds by smashing Robert's car up. Later, Robert comes back to the pub to angrily have it out with Aaron but they end up kissing passionately and running upstairs for more. Also, Nicola is sheepish as Jimmy is in pain after his operation and Bernice has a plan to help Nicola feel better.


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