On a mission, Belle watches Edna's house but Harriet spots her and notices her troubled air. Back home, Belle hunts around for a sharp object and when Zak and Lisa return home, she is alarmed that they have arranged for her to speak with a doctor. Belle struggles as she talks to Dr Cavanagh who suggests counselling but Belle remains defiant and refuses to speak to anyone. Later in the village, Belle makes an out-loud promise - she won't go to counselling and she will teach Edna a lesson. She is clearly struggling under the pressure and fascinates an intrigued Lachlan. As the day continues, Belle watches Edna and follows her home, creeping in after her unseen. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Nicola are excited about the pregnancy but a lonely Bernice can't help feeling envious. Despite Jimmy's reassurances, Nicola is furious to be considered an elderly mum-to-be after her visit to the doctor. However, Bernice has a brainwave and purchases fake pregnancy bumps for them all to share Nicola's experience. Nicola is shocked to arrive home to Bernice and Jimmy in full sympathy mode. Elsewhere, Ashley can see that Harriet is upset with the court case result. Also, Finn and Victoria bond over their disastrous love lives and agree to attend the wedding together. As they write each other's online dating profiles, they make a pact to marry each other if they are both still single at 30. Finally, David is reluctant to continue with football club but soon the pressure to keep it going mounts, while Moira has news about Adam's release.


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