Edna is shaken following the burglary, while Alicia and Harriet are suspicious of Belle. Back at Wishing Well Cottage, Zak and Lisa insist Belle still considers counselling, but having burgled Edna, she secretly thinks everything will be alright now. However, she is alarmed when Lachlan sends her an incriminating photo. At Woodbine Cottage, Edna refuses to call the police, scared that she could implicate Belle. Belle is nervous when she finds Lachlan with Zak and Lisa and is forced to hide her alarm, wondering what game he's playing. Later Belle offers Lachlan a deal if he deletes the photo, shocking even herself at the lengths she is prepared to go to. Meanwhile, Val grows jealous of Doug's local celebrity status, while Victoria and Finn grow tipsy as they search for men online. A drunken joke about getting married causes Victoria great embarrassment when she lunges to kiss Finn, misreading the signals and leaving her mortified. Elsewhere, Andy arrives at Mill Cottage and is shocked to see Bernice with a baby bump. Naughty Bernice lets him believe he's the father of twins and he is left dumbstruck, but later her trick backfires when Andy learns the truth. Also, David and Pete train the kids' football club, but David is left privately gutted when they all take a shine to Pete over him. Finally, Harriet is touched by Ashley's concern as she struggles with her future prospects, while Ross asks Moira if he can move back into the farm but she refuses.


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Memorable dialogue

Amelia Spencer: "I've met loads of famous people."
Gabby Thomas: "Like who?"
Amelia Spencer: "The lady from Steps. It's a band from the olden days."

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