Robert panics when Chrissie suddenly recognises Ross's voice from the robbery and wants to call the police. A desperate Robert tries to calm her, knowing that he has to act fast. When Robert explains that Chrissie knows, Ross vows to drop him in it if she calls the police. Soon Ross and Robert are slugging it out. Meanwhile, an excited Moira arrives home with Adam. As they catch up over a pint, Adam is shocked to hear about Aaron's dealings with Ross. As Adam and Aaron enjoy a few games of darts, Robert who is at the bar with Victoria, notices how close they are and how at ease Aaron is around Adam - he jokingly asks if Adam is Aaron's boyfriend (trying to mask his jealousy) - Vic tells him Adam is the "love of his life" and he's Moira's son. As Adam, Aaron, Andy, Moira and James enjoy a few drinks, Ross arrives and makes it clear that he isn't going to make Adam's return easy. Later, Adam tells Victoria that he thought about her a lot in prison and insists he will win her back, whatever it takes. Elsewhere, Jai and Megan return home with Archie. Ali is concerned that Rachel didn't get in touch on Archie's birthday, knowing it's totally out of character and Jai struggles to hide his guilt as she insists that something must be wrong. Soon Megan goes to see Ali and invites her and Ruby to a birthday party she is throwing for Archie. It's clear that Megan has got a plan in action to put Ali off the scent. Also, Marlon is encouraged with April's progress but Laurel struggles when she wants to spend time with Ross. Laurel is also incredulous to learn that Marlon has spoken to Harriet about their problems. Finally, Andy tells Robert to stay away from him and Katie and insists that he is not welcome at the wedding, while it's Belle's first day at work and Zak dares to hope.


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