Finn lets James and Pete believe he's going on a date as he rushes out of the farm all dressed up. Robert tries to get Chrissie to speak to him but she continues to avoid him. David drops Rakesh from the football coaching. Eric, Val and Victoria drive Finn to see Emma. Chas informs Katie of Robert's investment in Aaron's taxi business. He overhears them talking before Chas quizzes him on why he's getting involved, suspicious of his motives. Dr Cavanagh bumps Belle up the list for counselling and Lisa and Zak escort her to her first appointment. Alicia finds Chrissie sobbing in her car. Chrissie weeps to her that she's a rubbish mother and explains how Robert left Lachlan on his own. Finn finds Emma at her recently deceased father's house and catches her leaving. He stops her, shows her a photograph of them both when he was a baby and asks if she is his mother. She realises who he is and hugs him. Alicia tells Chrissie about David's football coaching as a way of keeping Lachlan occupied. Emma and Finn have a nervous conversation as she invites him in. Belle remains quiet at her counselling session but lies to Lisa and Zak that it went well. Emma quizzes Finn on James, Ross and Pete. Finn's pleased when she figures out he's gay. He arranges to see her again tomorrow where she invites him to ask any questions. Alicia asks David to let Lachlan join the football team. Robert lets himself into Tug Ghyll and warns Katie not to turn Chas against him or she'll regret it. Finn plans to take Ross and Pete to see Emma.


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